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dim sum questions

alyseb | Jan 14, 201010:36 AM

Ok, I admit it. I have never had dim sum before.

On Saturday, I will be going to a Chinatown restaurant in Boston or dim sum. I'm looking for some hints so I do not commit any significant social faux pas.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance and coaching from those experienced in the dim sum process.

How do I order? How do I know what items being pushed around on the carts?

Any suggestions about things I *must* try or should avoid? I am not an exceptionally adventurous eater.

Is the menu also available during dim sum?

What's the likelihood of dim sum items containing MSG? It's not an allergy per se so I try not to make a "big deal" out of it, but I get migraines if I consume MSG.

Thanks in advance.

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