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Dim sum ettiquite question

jumpingmonk | Jan 24, 2010 02:33 PM

Hi all,

Okay here is the situation.

Amought the dim sum I often eat are what I believe are called "Char Siu Fay" (Roast pork puffs) (the thigs that have the same filling as char sui bao but in flaky turnove like pastry. However I seem to be unable to take these thigs off the plate with my chopsticks and put them in my moth without leaving a trail of pastry flakes along the talble cloth as well as on myself (at the place I go to the puffs are just slighty too big to fit into your mouth in a single bite) Nor Have I seen anyone pick the things up without the same problem happening. My question is this, for really flaky crumbly dim sum like this is the ettiquite to simply use you fingers to pick the things up, or shoud one not worry about the crumb trail or what?

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