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dill in Asian cuisine?


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dill in Asian cuisine?

Ruth Lafler | Aug 28, 2003 08:22 PM

Melanie Wong and I had lunch today at a restaurant serving Northern (Hanoi) Vietnamese food. One of the dishes took us completely by surprise by using dill: (quoting from my report on the SF board)

"The cha ca va bun arrived in a small sautee pan, and was nothing like what either of us had expected. Melanie had referred to whole fish, but this was instead thin pieces of fillet, cut into pieces about 1.5 inches square, with a yellow hue that suggested tumeric. But the real shock was that the fish was tossed with mixture of sauteed scallion tops and... fronds of fresh dill?! As the unmistakeable aroma of dill wafted off the pan, Melanie and I stared in fascinated disbelief. In fact, as I remarked to Melanie, the dish looked and tasted very much like something I would prepare at home (albeit with chicken: sauteed in butter with dill and served with pasta) -- the ingredients and flavor palatte struck me as completely Western. Although it did come with a small bowl of white onions in vinegar and a dish of roasted peanuts, which gave it some of the tart/toasty flavors that characterize much of Southeast Asian cooking."

So I'm posting here to ask: has anyone else ever seen fresh dill used in Asian cooking?

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