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Dilema: 1.25lb chunk of fresh duck foie gras


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Dilema: 1.25lb chunk of fresh duck foie gras

SeaGal | Dec 21, 2003 06:20 PM

So, I splurged and bought this lovely chunk of canadian duck foie gras (whole with veins attached etc.) for husband and I to enjoy on Christmas Eve. I need help with 2 problems:

1. I need a great recipe for it...I've never made it before, but I like it pan sauteed with a bit of fruit for contrast and perhaps some frisee or other bitter greens. Have Googled and come up with plethora of ideas, but don't have chowish friends to exchange first-hand experience with. So, I'd welcome your suggestions. (Planning on purchasing a 1/2 bottle of Sauternes to go with it, although I'm wondering if I was to make it with a port-wine reduction, would that match work--not big on drinking port.)

2. No way the two of us can eat all of it in one sitting--want to be alive to experience Christmas morning and rest of hoidays! Any suggestions for preserving the leftovers (I imagine at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound) until New Years Eve and another splurge? Not sure how long it will last after opening the vacuum sealed package. Can it be frozen. Help!

Thanks in advance.

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