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Difference between shooters and shots?

BustedFlush | Jan 4, 2010 05:30 AM

I kill time on Yahoo Answers "Beer, Wine and Spirits" board, and I'm always seeing questions about "Tasty shots".

There's always a parade of super sweet, innuendo-laden answers; the red headed slut, the slippery nipple, the purple hooter etc.

My answer to these questions is that you're doing it wrong.

To my mind the very point of a shot glass is to deliver a slug of harsh spirit directly down the gullet, bypassing the tongue, mouth and taste buds. If you're tasting it, then you're drinking it incorrectly - and if you're not tasting it; then why all the syrupy liqueurs?

I understand the appeal of sweet drinks, but it seems to me that's what the cocktail was invented for.

And I certainly understand the bar's position; if I could charge $5 for an ounce and a half of liqueurs I'd promote them any way I possibly could.

So is that what's really going on here? A conspiracy perpetrated by bar owners taking advantage of the uneducated drinking population, or is there a real difference between a shot and a shooter? Discuss!

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