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The difference between latkes and potato pancakes


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The difference between latkes and potato pancakes

Jim Leff | Jul 8, 2004 12:50 PM

Sharuf asked (in thread linked below, taking place on the wrong board and it's all my fault and the moderators are peeved at me for it):

I use the box hand grater, the holes used for hash browns. Is that what you were talking about?
I add just a little onion, a little egg and flour, too. Cook them thin and crisp and top with applesauce

No, you're shredding! Use the small holes, the impossible holes, the scrape-your-knuckles-into-a-bloody-pulp holes for grated potatoes. A latke uses grated, not shredded, potato. The pain and suffering helps make this taste like soul food. Shredding has less suffering. Less soulful. And don't even talk to me about food processors. You want to groan with pleasure (grating! bleeding!) from eating these, not enjoy perky zippy yuppie appreciation (food processors, carefree homemaking).



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