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Diet for Victory

DavidH | Apr 24, 2002 07:39 PM

My wife recently decided she needed to diet so I designed a program for her which I called "Diet for Victory". The key to this diet was moderation. After some degree of success it blew up. The weak link in it was that it did not prevent me from testing all those recipes that have been sitting on my hard drive for ages waiting to be tested.. recipes like maple baked
beans, orange glazed cake, zesty orange cinnimon rolls etc. Yesterday she stated that after 3 weeks on my diet program she had a net gain of 2 pounds and was taking things into her own hands and going on a strict orange diet.

However, this is not going to deter me. I am simply going to change the focus of this program and market it to aging males who are developing lousy eyesight (I will call this "mature eyes" in the marketing program).
I will encourage males to give this to their spouses as holiday gifts using the premius that their spouse will become plump, plentiful and scrumpeous. The killer marketing line will be that the male when he goes to plant that next kiss will be assured of hitting something. We will slam our competitors by saying that with their "slim and trim" approach that the male is likely to miss 9 out of 10 tries.

This is a "can't miss" deal. I am going to change my name and start posting under the name "David Gates".

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