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Does diet soda make you drunker?


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Does diet soda make you drunker?

rworange | Jul 3, 2006 08:02 PM

... and that is not a hint for those of you wishing to get buzzed faster.

On two separate days researchers gave a group a drink mixed with sugar and on the next day a drink mixed with artificial sweetners and ..

"When researchers measured the rate of stomach emptying, they found that when stomachs were filled with diet-alcohol concoctions, they emptied in 15.3 minutes compared with 21.1 minutes for the sugar-sweetened elixir. Peak blood alcohol concentration was also significantly higher with the diet drink than the sugar-sweetened variety"

I guess it tricks your brain into thinking there are more calories coming so it empties your stomach quicker resulting in the alcohol getting into your blood stream quicker ... and on an empty stomach this is accelerated just as drinking anything on an empty stomach.

Just something to keep in mind to keep safe on this Fourth of July holiday.

I think General Topics is the right board. I wasn't sure if it was a spirits topic.

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