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Dialogue with the Fish Guy Today


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Dialogue with the Fish Guy Today

N Tocus | Jan 2, 2004 04:01 PM

Me: Why is the salmon not on ice when all the other fish is?
Fish Guy: Because the pink color will leach out if salmon gets near water.
Me: (?????) So why doesn't the salmon leach color when it's swimming around in the river?
FG: This is farmed salmon. All farmed salmon is artifically colored pink.
Me: That's disgusting.
FG: It would be more disgusting without the coloring. You wouldn't want to buy it in its natural color.
Google (search Farmed Salmon Color) supports what the Fish Guy told me this morning. Not surprisingly, artifically coloring farmed salmon has been controversial---and pretty much a secret from the consumer. This hits me about like the news that downer cows have gone into our food supply: the industry should be straight with us and tell us what we are buying.

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