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Diabetics are consumers too


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Diabetics are consumers too

phil pinto | Jun 6, 2011 06:39 AM

I read many times ,wonderful recipes,but when it comes to desserts,there are few for Diabetics. Now I know for a fact there is a huge hole out there for sugar free desserts.Think about it this way,next time you go to a restaurant,or Pastry shop,ask if they have any of their product that is sugar free.The answer you will most likely get is <"We did try making a few ,but they didn't sell,so we stopped making them">.It is as if people who can not eat sugary delights,don"t matter My friends there are literally tens of thousands of Diabetics who crave desserts,just like anyone else.Look at it this way,more then likely every ,one out of five going in a place of business is Diabetic,or are borderline already.I would like to see many more recipes that are sugar free and allow many more people enjoy a simple pleasure . Phil Pinto

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