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[DFW] Nonna: I surrender


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[DFW] Nonna: I surrender

Scagnetti | Oct 14, 2008 08:31 PM

I've been skewered about my comments on Nonna based on my one time visit. I vowed to go back and try it again for I dearly love Italian food.

I went back tonight to celebrate a windfall profit of some mad money. Simply put, y'all get all of that you want but if someone asks for a good Italian resto rec in Dallas, do not send them to Nonna. They have good food but it ain't no Italian-American.

This is what I consumed:

2 glasses of Masi Campoflorin Rosso del Veronese Ripasso '05 - $12 a glass
Salumi of Finochietta, Toscana, ciccioli, breasola, speck, coppa, and soppressata - $15
Tajarin with proscciutto di San Danielle, sage, and parmigianano - $17

The wine was excellent. There is no substitute. Next time I'll just drink my dinner.

The salumi? Well in my 61 years in America, I've consumed more salami, soppressata, capicolla (hot and sweet), mortadella, and prosciutto than a show dog could jump over. My PR for cholesterol is 324, no joke. That aside, I could easily put together an Italian cold cuts plate from Central Market every bit as good as what I ate at Nonna. It was mainstream at best and I deliberately ordered it because it was the most expensive starter on the menu. My thinking was get off to a good start. Conversely, the last time I was there, I had a green salad that would barely pass muster at Fireside Pies.

The pasta: Tajarin with proscciutto di San Danielle, sage, and parmigianano. It was 2.75 oz. of pasta at best and I'll kiss a fat man's ass if there was ANY sage in it at all. Oh and for the proscciutto? I counted 6 small julienned pieces. But hey, how much pasta should you expect to get these days for $17?

I quit smoking 7 weeks ago. If the wind blows hard and there's a hint of spice in the air, my tongue goes hard. My taste buds are totally on point. This meal was MEDIOCRE.

Never mind that the Parkie couple next to me got their entree 15 minutes before me even though I had FINISHED my starter even BEFORE they had ordered any food at all. After I pointed this out to my wait person, he aplogized and explained to me in a ham-fisted way that they were "regulars". He offered coffee and dessert gratis but I politely declined. I had suffered enough. I did over tip him though.

Street cred you say? I'm a 2nd generation Italian, my Mother's maiden name is Reganato, I've lived in both England and France, and I grew up in the mostly densely populated Italian community in America, but hey, what do I know?

"But Scagnetti [wringing hands in Chowhound anguish] where do YOU go if you want Italian food?" Romano's Macaroni Grill, Lovers Lane Pizza, Penne Pomodoro and Alessio's when it was still in business. I surrendered when the Cowboys last won the Super Bowl.

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