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DFW - Nakamoto in Plano. Feedback #3


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DFW - Nakamoto in Plano. Feedback #3

MSPD | Mar 21, 2005 02:11 PM

Continuing the theme of my trip, I had another exhausting day on Friday. The upside was that it ended early, so I thought I'd beat the traffic and zip up to Plano (from Las Colinas) and catch an early meal at Nakamoto.

OK...interruption here. If after reading that intro, you're picturing me in an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt (arrow pointing up) I'll forgive you. There is no such thing as "zipping up to Plano", REGARDLESS of the time of day. I know that now.

Moving on. Including your suggestions earlier (which I will heed more closely next time), I had gathered a good amount of recommendations for great chow. Stupidly, I fell victim to my hotel-provided March issue of "D" Magazine which, in two separate places, highly touts the restaurant Nakamoto. (As does Guidelive).

I went back and forth between high-end steakhouse and Japanese. I love Japanese cuisine. I find sashimi almost therapeutic and love to splurge on a chef-led journey (the Japanese call it "Omakase"). Nakamoto is touted as this serene, finely decorated restaurant. So the serenity and artistry of Japanese won.

(insert sound of Family Feud "X" buzzer here)

Skipping to when I sat down at the sushi bar, I'm not sure what part of what I said earned me the long "are you from outer space?" look from the sushi chef (who WAS speaking Japanese): I suggested I would like omakase; to be in his capable hands.

Now I'm no Nihon-jin, but I know omakase is a ubiquitous term in sushi restaurants. I do this all the time and chefs are universally DELIGHTED when you order omakase. But his look convinced me that he had no idea what I was talking about. I was completely thrown off guard -- I mean, I had eschewed the menu from the host already.

Actually, I'm still mystified by what happened. I was literally disoriented. So, I punted, ordering a sashimi combination (again, it appeared I was the first person who had ordered that), and a few rounds of assorted boring items (sea urchin, mackerel and eel).

30 minutes and out the door. Completely dumbfounded. The fellow staff weren't treating him as though he was a new chef. His skills were subpar, and he was indifferent to the patrons, but he was processing orders at a good clip. What I managed to successfully order was very average in quality, except for the uni which was exceptionally fresh but heaped in an obscene quantity on the sushi.

What's the deal? Are sushi places outside the loop out of the loop??? Anyone with a plausable explanation for this ridiculous experience would be appreciated. What a shame, as there's an outlet of Jinbeh within sight of my hotel, which I understand it pretty good. Doh.

Why, oh why didn't I just listen to the good Dallas locals on Chowhound for my restaurant advice?!?

(By the way, I agree with the publications on this place -- a challenge to find, to say the least. I wish I HAD gotten lost and given up).

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