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the deviled eggs update -- plus aioli and potato chips


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the deviled eggs update -- plus aioli and potato chips

david kaplan | Apr 21, 2003 03:05 PM

A thousand thank-yous for the deviled eggs advice. I made a batch for my party this weekend -- half "classic" (mustard and some pepper) and a half with carmelized onions mixed in. The oniony ones went in a flash, and the plain ones shortly thereafter. It was popular with guests of all generations and all levels of food sophistication.

I also made aioli to go with blanched asparagus. Had I known homemade mayonnaise was so easy (and since I used only olive oil, much healthier than store-bought), it would have become a regular item in my fridge long, long ago. Is there any recipe that calls for mayonnaise that homemade can't be used in?

In a fit of nervousness that there wouldn't be enough food, I put out a bowl of Terra chips. Do you like them? What's your favorite potato chip and why? I love thick, crunchy chips, and I'm happy with Terra's Yukon Golds but would love to hear of other favorites.

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