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Detroit Thanksgiving - Any Lessons Learned? [DTW]

VTB | Nov 25, 201101:46 PM

Okay, you’re exhausted. But, please share a few takeaways from your DTW Thanksgiving this year, while it’s all still fresh in your mind. Where did you eat, or what did you make? What were the great scores (price/quality) at the markets? What shortages did you encounter?

I looked for good deals at Trader Joes on organic/natural products. But, their potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, turkey, etc., were not quite as good as I had hoped, price or quality wise. No complaints, but no accolades. The cornbread mix was too sweet for stuffing making. The vac packed chestnuts were a good deal.

Fortunately, I started Monday, so there was time to recover. I got an Aaron’s Best frozen boneless turkey thigh roast from One Stop (Kosher) which I braised as a backup in case my roast turkey was a loser. That came out great, but so did my roast whole turkey—which I bought from Roperti’s Farm of Livonia ($3.49/LB). I think(?) Oppsie was leaving Roperti’s as I was arriving. I didn’t quite get to say Hi-- my many years in the disco scene eventually taught me it is “bad form” to run after a girl leaving a parking lot. Anyway, samples of Roperti’s house smoked turkey were offered at the counter. It was decent, but I’m glad I roasted mine. (The Trader Joe’s turkey was relegated to, and made, good stock.) Roperti’s photos are attached.

Great Harvest Bread Co. bakes a beautiful fresh bread herbed specifically for stuffing, and they ran it thru the slicer from two directions, leaving me with (long) finger-sized bread pieces. I’ll be back next year but I may buy their regular bread and then add my own herbs. Aside: The girls there remind me of my old liberal university days…tie dyed shirts, bead jewelry, no makeup, scarves as hair adornments, enthusiasm despite minimum wage pay, etc.. Love it.

I liked the Wisconsin cranberries from Trader Joe’s more than the local Michigan cranberries (sorry Blueberry Farms cranberry company, maybe it was my technique). After the Lions game I’m thinking to revisit that evaluation. Papa Joe’s (sorry to keep switching-up on the Joe’s) green beans were okay, but I wanted stars. Next year I’m going with brussels sprouts. My organic-heritage-yada-yada-yada pumpkin flesh came from ROFM’s Cinzori Farms. It was a fantastic looking pumpkin. Big, beautiful, juicy, $5. Too bad I couldn’t match it with a competently made crust. Other than that, GFS was good for Kosher salt and disposable chafing dishes.

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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