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Determined to make Jagermeister cupcakes - help with ideas/recipes?

Cinnamon | Dec 17, 201106:51 PM

Happy holidays. I found these zebra-striped paper cupcake holders, and somehow that has turned into wanting to make Jagermeister cupcakes for a Christmas Eve party. (I've had luck before winging it with alcohol-oriented baking.)

So what would you do? I'm seeing recipes around for Jager Bomb cupcakes, which involve making a cream interior that has ... Red Bull ... in it. Not much Jagermeister though! I'd like these to taste dark and decadent, not frat-party reminiscent.

I was thinking cream-filled. Or a dark, sticky Jagermeister jam sort of filling. Also am getting tempted by the idea of including licorice allsorts (or, at my most out-there, a Ricola cough drop brickle). Thinking a dark bittersweet chocolate fudge cupcake would lend itself to Jagermeister messing-around. But then lavender is calling too. And aniseed and buttery poppyseed cake-type cupcakes.

While we're at it, if I branched out, what other liqueurish cupcakes would you think interesting? Things that crossed my mind while wandering around Sur La Table today:

Jack Daniels cornbread cupcakes. (More a rum-cake soaking approach, possibly with honey or JD caramel topping and/or apple.)

Old Fashioned fruitcake - JD or bourbon-soaked cupcake involving some marasca cherries from the jar and candied orange twists. And probably a whole lotta sugar.

Canton Ginger Liqueur gingerbread cupcakes .... might have to have a creme or gel center.

Black Forest dark beer cake. Cherries. A not-so-sweet cream filling.

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