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Dessert open house: suggestions?

Ama658 | Mar 21, 2012 02:18 PM

Lucky me -- we are throwing an open house engagement party for my brother and his fiancée and I'm in charge of the food. I'm happy to be responsible, and will have help from my parents, but that is somewhat limited. It will be held in a decent sized apartment and around 100 guests are expected (I have access to two refrigerators, but neither is particularly large). My max for parties up to now has been around 60-70... So I decided to make this one desserts-only. Time frame is 2-5pm, although there are always people around long after the official endings :). I take that as a compliment. I'm not in the US, so places that would normally be good for bulk buying are out. Yay ;). Also, she is Indonesian-Chinese background.

My tentative menu is as follows:

Mango cheesecake squares (still looking for a recipe...just know this is something she would like)
Banana pudding bites ( done on nilla wafers...that I will probably have to make myself...)
Lemon pie bars
Chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches (homemade cookies, storebought ice cream)
Pecan pie truffles ( nyt recipe, one of her favorite things I've made)

The above are because they are favorite flavors or items of the bride/groom...

I was thinking that some sort of cake was in order, so maybe a Chocolate mud cake? And/ or a pound cake? He loves pound cake, She loves chocolate. I may also try making an Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake, as a tribute to her family.

To round things out:
Cookies of some sort?
Mini tarts or pies? Feel like I need some berries in the mix...
Other ideas were mini strawberry shortcakes, tiramisu of some sort, and cream puffs/profiteroles.
An assortment of nuts and cheeses will also be on hand, I think, to balance the sweetness a bit. Fresh fruit is always available as well. As there will be some children, I considered making popcorn...but was hoping to keep things looking somewhat elegant :)

I feel like I'm missing some crunch/ crispness. I considered making meringues, macarons, or a crispy oatmeal cookie. Ive served macarons, profiteroles, tarts, apple pies, and truffles before...and find it to be a bit boring making the same things for parties. I am also wondering if I need something that is served warm? Does hot cocoa sound like an appropriate drink? Or punch? (it's autumn here)
I'm trying to have as much on the menu as possible that I can make ahead and store, as we will be doing decorations and I'm normally the head decorator/flower arranger as well. As the future sister-in-law and the best (wo)man, I also feel responsible for mingling with guests. That, though, is secondary to making sure the party runs smoothly. I have about 1.5 weeks to put it together due to scheduling issues.

Hope that wasn't too much info! I think this could be fun if I can get myself organized...

Ideas or suggestions are welcome!

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