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Dessert Dilemma

The Hungry Traveler | Mar 29, 2004 06:48 PM

Has anyone had any really outstanding desserts downtown recently? I'm taking my boyfriend to Casa Mono for his birthday next weekend, but their desserts are rather limited and aren't supposed to be great, so I'd like to go somewhere else afterwards.

I know Gramercy Tavern is a perennial dessert favorite, and it IS close by, so we may well end up going there, but I've never really loved their stuff; they always seem just a little too "homey" for me, like something I would make myself. And I've not been back since Claudia Fleming left. Plus, you can't order the dining room desserts in the tavern. On the other hand, it'll be easy to get a seat and the tables are spaced far enough apart that we'll have some semblance of privacy.

I've been thinking of going to Babbo, I LOVE their desserts, but Saturday night will be a zoo, and I really don't want to have to wait a long time for
seats. AND we'll probably end up having to sit at the bar, which would not be romantic at all.

Chikalicious is another option, but again we'll likely have to wait a long time on a Saturday night in the teeny-tiny room. Also, the desserts seem a little precious, which is fine for me, but it's not really the kind of food my bf likes.

Veritas is also on my list, the bar is always quiet, but, while I love their savory food I've never been blown away by any dessert I've had there.

So, basically I'm looking for someplace within a 20 minute or so walk from Casa Mono (Irving Place and 17th) that has fantastic desserts, and a quiet atmosphere in which we'll be able to carry on a conversation. I won't mind having to wait for a table for 10-15 minutes, but nothing longer than that.

Any suggestions for me!?

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