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Hello Chowhound community,

I am currently working as a 6th grade teacher, and I have an opportunity later this year to take a break from my normal routine (6th grade math) and teach a class about a topic I'm very excited about: dumplings!

I am writing to see if folks have ideas for what we could do in the class, and what things I might focus on. Here's where I'm at so far:

The title of the class is: Travel the World Through Dumplings

The class will last two full days (a total of 14 hours), so I will have one set of students for that whole time. Then I will repeat the class two more times (with new students).

Activities we are definitely planning to do:

1) Some sort of independent research project where students choose a country and briefly research dumplings from that country. They will use computers to do this, and might create a brief presentation for their peers. Hoping that every kid can choose a different country, so we will ultimately cover 90 countries (30 students x 3 rotations).

2) Making homemade Chinese dumplings. Will likely have students use turkey meat for this, and maybe also make a veggie version. I've made dumplings many times before so I'm looking forward to this. I may also have them do a math activity prior to making the dumplings where they will start with a base recipe and scale it up for the number of people that there are. This will end up being our lunch on one of the days. Will likely use pre-made wrappers? But not sure. Anyone ever made dumplings in a classroom w/ 30 kids before?

3) Field trip to a local restaurant to learn about dumplings. I'm hoping that I have a Brazilian restaurant lined up for this, where we will meet the chef and learn about how they make empanadas and coxinha. But if that doesn't work out, I am looking into some other options (Indian, Thai, Mexican)

Other possible activities:

1) Games having to do with dumplings?

2) Movies or even scenes from movies about dumplings?

3) Documentary video clips about dumplings (inc. samosas, empanadas, etc.)

4) Talks from local experts about dumplings

5) Tasting activities with different types of dumplings?

But I'd love some more ideas about other things you might try to incorporate into this course!

Thanks very much in advance

Dave MP

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