Demeyere Plancha - 5 ply vs 7 ply - Zwilling Sale


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Demeyere Plancha - 5 ply vs 7 ply - Zwilling Sale

CanadianCuisine | Jan 2, 2018 01:52 PM


I've read many enthusiastic reviews of the Demeyere Plancha, specifically the 7 ply one that was cleared out last year. It's no longer available anywhere at a decent price, as far as I can tell.

HOWEVER, the 5-ply version just went on sale at Zwilling Online for $99;

This is the smaller version at 15.4x10.6"

Anyone have experience with the 5ply version? I read a thread a while back that suggested it was actually then the 7-ply, although that was not confirmed, and I tried to reach Zwilling, but never got a reply. Can any users comment?

Thinking this is worth grabbing at this price, perhaps instead of the 12.6" proline skillet....


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