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Delux Revisited

Dax | Oct 24, 2002 09:45 AM

I went to Delux last night with 3 friends and a couple of acquaintances.

After the requisite 1/2 hour circling the place looking for the ever elusive parking in the South End, I finally opted to park at the Hancock building garage, about 3 blocks away for $8 (unlimited after 5 PM).

While always busy, I had previously thought that the seating arrangement was seat yourself as a table becomes available, which always made for a hectic night. Well since we had 6 and most tables are best suited to 4, I spoke with the waitress who was very accommodating. We ended up pulling on the of 4-tops away from the wall and squeezed in all 6 people.

After a few beers, we ordered the chips and fruit salsa that was excellent as always. Sweet, a little tangy and the pan crisped tortillas were wonderful as "chips." Also, while not necessarily Latin American in filling, we ordered the spinach, tomato and cheese quesadilla as an appetizer. Yet another crowd pleaser as the spinach was perfectly cooked, tomatoes were plump and juicy and the cheese (not just mozzarella, but w/ six people I couldn't try enough to discern the others, probably jack too) was in that optimum state b/w soft and gooey.

For $10 or less each, their entrees are seldom a flop. I went with the "Paella" which was actually a dish of roasted chicken and a delicious peppery risotto with snow peas, "regular" peas, and red peppers. I think the risotto was the highlight of the night. The chicken was herbed and peppered and while tasty, nothing out-of-this-world. It complimented the risotto well and vice-versa. 2 of us ordered this plate.

Two others ordered the lamb on a bed of sautéed spinach over a heaping piled of mashed potatoes. They tasted like red bliss mixed with yukons but don't quote me. Although the lamb was basically devoured before I could taste it, both assured me that it was well worth the $10 and then some. The mashed potatoes, while very filling and thick, were somewhat dry. Not bad mind you, but they could have used a little more ... gravy, reduction, something.

Another friend had the pasta special. It was linguine with roasted tomatoes, chicken, olives, artichokes, and something else I forget. She ordered hers w/o the olives or artichokes. They didn't lather on the sauce, which was a nice touch, just enough to coat all the noodles and was thick enough not to leave her plate soupy. I tasted some of the noodles and thought the dish was wonderful. She took home the remnants for lunch today.

Our final guest, the resident vegetarian, ordered the bean and cheese quesadilla. I didn't try it but she ate it all.

I love this place. Sure it takes a while to find a parking spot and find a table. But where else in Boston can you get such comfort food for 6 people for $102 (pre-tip), including apps, entrees, and two rounds of wine/beer?


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