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Delivery service (moved from Quebec board)


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Delivery service (moved from Quebec board)

maisonbistro | Aug 12, 2007 07:16 PM

Now, I am foodie, chowhound - whatever you want to call me. But once in a while, we all like to just kick back, not cook, not go out and order in. Be it pizza, CSL BBQ or Chalet, souvlkai or chinese - they all have their merits. But I have found that service over the last, say year has greatly deteriorated. Delivery times are ridiculously long, orders are often not correct - food sometimes cold (but that doesn't happen often).

What do you when this happens? I just ordered from CSL BBQ and asked for chocolate cake. I got cheesecake. Not a biggie - but that's not what I ordered!! Plus it took them over an hour to deliver to me - not acceptable. Now in a restaurant you wouldn't put up with service that slow, and you would send back the wrong item. But it would seem that the delivery restaurants hold all the cards. I mean, you're not going to send back a piece of cake...

What the deliverytiquette??

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