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delicious chinese BUTTERFINGER-like candy


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delicious chinese BUTTERFINGER-like candy

opinionatedchef | Jan 16, 2006 01:40 AM

as a kid, butterfingers were my candy bar of choice.
i have recently discovered a delicious chinese candy, usually called "peanut cake" that is very much like a butterfinger (w/o the chocolate coating). i think it's the maltose that gives it that crunchy,shard-like stick-in-your-teeth texture. of the 3 brands i have tried, the Tong San (i found it at Sun Sun grocers in boston's chinatown)is the best formatted/easiest to open the package and eat. this particular brand has fig newton-sized candies, individually wrapped in clear plastic(20 or so to a clear plastic pkg)the other brands are smaller cube shaped pieces, also individually wrapped but those tend to shatter as you try to get them in your mouth....
i've coated the 'ground nut roll candy' (that's the english name on the tong san brand) with melted bittersweet chocolate, let it cool, and oooh wheeee...
has anyone else discovered these?

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