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How to defrost meat properly?


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How to defrost meat properly?

Julia M. Paras | Apr 23, 2002 08:29 PM

I have a few questions about the methods of defrosting meat. I have always gone by the freezer to refrigerator method, (chicken and red meat)letting things sit in the fridge for two days or so. I was at a friends house for dinner and they told me they defrost everything in the sink.

Since I'm healthy, and not pregnant, I know some of the FDA reccs about beef temperature and eggs aren't the gospel for me. I was a veggie for six years, the only thing that makes me squeamish about cooking with different meats is the idea I'm going to make myself very, very sick. I love steak pink, I have a meat thermamator for the odd turkey or chicken, but I still feel uninformed.

Is there a rule of thumb for a person with a good constitution looking for a good meal? Is red meat okay at defrosting at room temperature for a few hours? Chicken? I live in Southern California without air conditioning in daytime hours, so it does get warm here.

Thank you for any advice. Julia

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