Deep Lasagna Pan Shopping

scott123 | Dec 3, 200903:16 PM     32

After many years of suffering with boiled over sauce and teflon pans that lose their non stick properties and can't be scoured, I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a deep stainless steel lasagna pan:


I've read the all the reviews and it seems like the general consensus is that it's a very lightweight gauge (the picture is misleading). I'm pretty sure what the gauge is going to be. I have a pair of S/S loaf pans that are extremely lightweight but are perfect for my needs. I probably wouldn't put a huge turkey in it, but I think it should have enough structural rigidity to be able to hold up to a full pan of lasagna. Shipping doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling, though- this could very likely get dinked in transit and having to exchange it would be a hassle and probably end up costing me about the price of the pan for shipping.

Before I pull the trigger, though, I wanted to see if anyone had any other pans they'd recommend. I'm looking for S/S (obviously), deep (3-4 inches), about 14" (just long enough to accommodate a cooked ronzoni lasagna noodle- my current 9 x 12 pan is about 10 inches long on the bottom and the noodles curl like crazy), and inexpensive.

This one here is kind of sexy:


but $80 is a little rich for my blood.

I do pretty much worship at the shrine of lasagna (and pizza, and chicken tikka masala), so even though spending $80 for a pan would normally be kind of insane for me, if someone recommended this pan highly enough, I might go for it. I can't go above $80, though, so that rules out all clad.

Lastly, there's this:


I've worked with these in professional settings and they are seriously sturdy. They're not pretty, but man are they workhorses. With home use, I would expect this pan to outlive me. I'm not in love with the flared sides, though and the dimensions (10 x 16 x 4) are not ideal. 10 and 4 are perfect, but 16... If it's 16 including the edge and the edges are 1 inch combined... that's 15. I think that's pushing it for lasagna noodles.

Thoughts on these and others would be appreciated.

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