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Need some deep fry advice/tips


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Need some deep fry advice/tips

TastyJon | May 16, 2005 01:44 AM

I just bought my first deep fryer - though it's not that deep. A small one for the home. But it's still a new cooking method for me.

I know how to cook fries. Basic Tempura. And throwing in wings or pre-fashioned cheese sticks and taquitos isn't much of a challenge.

What else can be fried... and how do you do it?

For example, beyond potatos, what else can I simply cut and fry? I do fry eggplant in oil (In a wok) before adding spices and sauces. Are ther other veggies I can toss in untreated?

And what about treatment?

Does everything else need to be battered or drenched in something? Don't get me wrong. This isn't a bad thing. I'm simply wondering what's the difference between...

- a piece of fish thrown into oil
- one that is encrusted with corn meal, spices, etc
- one that is covered with an even thicker batter?

Hence my confusion.

And just to be honest, I do love a deep fried dish, though I'm less enthralled by 2-3 dishes of the same make. A fried fish sandwich with fries is a tad bit much for me. I love it, but can't eat it all in one seating. I'd prefer a Vietnamese sammy with a great beer.

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