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Deep-fried poultry


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Deep-fried poultry

Kent | Sep 27, 2002 08:29 PM

Hi, Chowhounds:
I recently bought an outfit for deep frying turkeys, but haven't done one yet. I love duck, and am considering deep frying a domestic, frozen duck from a local supermarket. Of course, it will be completely thawed and dried, inside and out, before it hits the hot peanut oil. My main motivation is my love of good Chinese duck dishes where, ideally, the meat is moist and succulent, while the skin is crispy. Has anyone tried deep frying a whole duck? Do you think I should use the 3-1/2 minutes a pound rule, or shorten the time a little due to the much smaller size of the duck (I think the duck weighs about 4 or 5 lb.). I'm also wondering whether I should prick the skin to let some of the fat render out during cooking. Any comments or info based on actual experience will really be appreciated!

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