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Help me decipher cookware set lingo!


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Help me decipher cookware set lingo!

AnjLM | Jul 26, 2007 01:03 PM

Now that I'm finally moving to an apartment on my own, I can buy nice pots and pans and not have to worry about my roommates ruining them. I've just started browsing online and have come across all different types of cookware sets and I'm not sure which type to get: Aluminum, copper, hard anodized alumnium, multi pli, non-stick, stainless steel? What do these all mean? As a med school student I can't afford to buy the very best...probably about a $200 budget (although I'm pretty good at finding deals online or at outlet stores). I would like the set to include a small and large saute pan, a small and large suacepan, and some sort of large stockpot. I'll be using them for a variety of everyday cooking, sauteeing, making risotto, soups, stews, omelettes, fritattas, etc. Advice on type of material to buy as well as brands that are a good value for the money would be great. Thanks!

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