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Help me decide between these two pressure cookers please!


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Help me decide between these two pressure cookers please!

girevikmoto | Jul 25, 2012 03:35 PM

Kuhn Rikon 6qt Ecomatic

Fagor Duo 8qt

I will be frequently using it to cook 4 - 5 lb bone-in beef chuck roasts (by themselves) as well as one pot meals like pot roast and stews. This will be my primary cooking vessel and I will almost always be cooking multiple days worth of meals and freezing portions for later use. I do not eat grains or legumes.

I am concerned about being able to fit a bone-in roast into the pressure cooker without having to divide the roast into multiple pieces. I don't know the interior dimensions of the Fagor Duo, but the Kuhn Rikon Ecomatic is 8.66in diameter inside.

I prefer the valve on the Kuhn Rikon, but I'm not sure if the cooker is large enough for my use; this is the only reason I'm looking at the Fagor. I really want the 8qt braiser/family style Kuhn Rikon but simply can't afford a $300 piece of cookware right now.


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