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curiousbaker | Apr 28, 2005 12:23 PM

So, last August I gave up caffeinated coffee. After playing the too-much-caffeine-gives-me-a-headache, not-enough-caffeine-gives-me-a-headache game for far too long, I called it quits. I spent a week with a headache, and I've been pretty much caffeine-free since. I have had one or two rum and Cokes, chocolate of course, a decaf coffee, and nothing has had enough to trigger headaches, so I'm pretty happy.

Except with the decaf.

Why is decaf so terrible? Are there any brands that taste good? My preferred coffee style is a medium roast, not Charbucks dark, but not what is sometimes labelled "bright and acidic." I like a full-bodied, rich, flavorful, smooth cup of coffee. I have only had one decaf that fit the bill and tragically I don't know what brand it was.

Can anyone suggest something?

I am considering getting my own green beans and roasting them. Will this help, or is decaf always inherently so inferior even the freshest coffee will still taste bad?

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