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How to deal with a wine snob?


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How to deal with a wine snob?

maddogg280 | Aug 8, 2008 07:28 AM

We are happily looking forward to a special occasion meal at an upscale restaurant with an extensive wine list. At the moment, two couples are scheduled to go, and we want to invite another couple, but the husband always insists on picking the wine.
Unfortunately, he usually insists on picking spectacular wine that costs way more than we want to spend (IMO, the four of us tend to be more into quantity rather than quality, especially after the first glass/cocktail is consumed). In the past, he dealt with this by asking the waiter to place all the wine on a separate check and paid for it himself, but that is not the case anymore. What's worse, is some of these wines are $200+ or more. Now, I love wine as much as the next gal, but I'm also a reasonable person. Or just call me stingy. I don't want that kind of wine (or to foot the bill for wine I would have never chosen).
The couple really enjoy dining out with us (this restaurant is a special favorite among us all), but we worry about insulting them with, "Please moderate your wine choices, Barry." type comments....
What would you do in this spot?

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