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What's the deal w/ identical Mexican restaurants?


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What's the deal w/ identical Mexican restaurants?

danna | Jan 2, 2003 01:24 PM

So I live in restaurant hell. I understand that. But does anyone have any scoop on why all the terrible Mexican restaurants (which is all we have) have EXACTLY the same menu? No matter the name, El Jalisco, Monterrey, El Chapala, El Chili's all the same horrible stuff. 100 different choices on the menu and all of them basically the same.

Sometimes I'll try a new place and maybe it has one little change up (example: watermelon aqua fresca or green salsa along side the red)...but everything else is the same old stuff...same greasy rice...same gooey white cheese-food...right down to the Speedy Gonzales lunch special.

Is there some kind of franchise that these places buy into? How do they all wind up with the same menu? Is this a Southern phenomenon only? Anyone familiar with this? Thanks.

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