De buyer seasoning fail--need help starting over


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De buyer seasoning fail--need help starting over

nofunlatte | Apr 29, 2013 04:49 AM

Here's the story: I used the boiling water-potato peel method to get rid of the waxy coating prior to seasoning. Did seven passes with flaxseed oil (stovetop method). The pan did discolor, but the bottom wasn't smooth, but rather somewhat "bumpy". I guess I used too much oil. This morning I cooked some bacon in the pan. After pouring off the grease, there was some bacon residue in the pan, which I tried to wash off under hot water (with a Dobie pad). Unfortunately, I wound up removing some of the seasoning. I tried to remove the rest of the seasoning, but thought to contact the Cookware gods before I made a bad outcome worse. So, can I use steel wool to remove the remainder of the seasoning without damaging the pan? I want to start over with the seasoning process. FWIW, I don't have much experience with carbon steel (as anyone who saw my "shiny handle" post can attest to). I do have a de Buyer crepe pan, which seasoned beautifully (3 passes with grape seed oil on the stovetop).
The pan now looks shiny (like the original) in about half of the bottom and that brownish orange around the rest. Will try to send pic after work.

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