Yet Another De Buyer Crepe Pan Question

gothamette | Dec 27, 201202:10 PM     14

After being confused by different directions, I decided to stop worrying and follow the directions that came with the pan. These were to fry some potato peelings in the pan and wipe it clean. I did this and then decided to get all smart, so after wiping the pan clean I put more oil in, and let it sit on the flame for a few extra minutes....and I forgot until the smoke reminded me!!

The pan has spots that are gummy and brown, especially around the edges. I tried getting rid of this with kosher salt and a sponge, and then with baking soda and a sponge, which worked to a degree but not completely.

I know I didn't ruin the pan but I don't like those gummy, oily spots. Should I just get over it and forget about it, or is there a way to remove them?

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