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DD's Bavarian Cream donut, extinct?


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DD's Bavarian Cream donut, extinct?

Stepovich | Mar 31, 2012 10:05 AM

Okay, the Boston Cream has its merits, but some of us prefer our Bavarian cream without the waxy chocolate frosting on one side.
Really, it's the same cream on the inside with the difference coming in the chocolate frosting (Bostom Creme) and powdered sugar dusting (Bavarian Creme).

Having said this, I'm sorry to say that, after an exhausting local search, I can't find a Bavarian cream at any of the [thousands!] of local D-Donut franchises.
Are they gone?
No, not according the the DD website.
Perhaps just in the Boston area?

For those of you who actually care...has anyone found a Bavarian Cream donut recently?
Tell me you have and help mend my broken heart...

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