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DC Chowhounder coming to San Fran in September

FoodDude2 | Jun 21, 201607:32 AM     17

Hi everyone,

Although it is months away, I have been hard at work researching where to eat for my wife and I's babymoon in September. We will be in San Fran from Thursday night (arrive around 9pm) until Monday morning when we will drive down the coast to LA (2 nights down the coast and another 3 in LA).

We will have 4 dinners in San Fran, 3 lunches/brunches, and 1 breakfast on Monday. From past experience, I know we can't have more than 2 substantial meals in a day.

So far, I know we definitely want to have dinner at State Bird Provision and Liholiho Yacht Club. Those menus are exactly the type of meals we tend to love. Also, as my wife is pregnant, sushi, raw oysters, etc. are not possible this trip and beer/wine lists are not factors for us either. We tend to love all types of Asian food, my life loves seafood with a heavier emphasis on shellfish, and I pretty much eat everything I can get my hands on. Nothing is really too unusual or exotic for us and we are not picky eaters. I love meat and seafood equally and we both loves carbs in all forms.

First issue is that our plane lands around 9pm on Thursday. With that being said, I doubt we will be able to get to a restaurant before 11pm on Thursday night. Any suggestions as to places that are still open? So far, I have found Nopa and Tosca as two of the only restaurants that are open late night on Thursday. I was leaning towards Nopa as going for a good/solid Italian meal while in SF seems kind of like a waste to me as we have plenty of good Italian spots in DC so any alternative options are appreciated.

So as our fourth dinner, I was considering a few different places: Cockscomb, CALA, Mourad, Sotto Mare, Mission Chinese, and Mister Jui's. My worry with Cockscomb is that it is too meat focused and my wife will struggle to find things she wants to order on the menu, although the roasted pigs head is right up my alley. CALA sounded great but some reviews are pretty mixed and I am concerned it is the type of place where portions are small and you leave dinner still hungry. Mourad has me intrigued since we have never had Moroccan food as does Mister Jui's although I usually prefer non-tasting menu restaurants. I was debating whether Mission Chinese should be a lunch or dinner and was leaning towards lunch?? Any thoughts on these places? Any other suggestions?

Any thoughts on some Dungeness crab restaurants or places that serve it? The peppercorn crab at PPQ Dungeness Island looks like a preparation we would love. Anywhere else I should check out? Friends recommended the Stinking Rose, but that just looks like a tourist trap to me.

Is Yak Soon the place to go in Chinatown? We have pretty good dim sum and some pretty good authentic Szechuan restaurants in the DC suburbs and even better dim sum in NJ when we visit my parents so I am not sure we will have time for a lunch in Chinatown. Anything unusual in Chinatown worth seeking out?

Brunch spots I am looking at Aina or Nopa.

Last question, any suggestions on places to eat driving down the coast to LA? We are probably staying in Carmel and Cambria although we haven't book our rooms yet.

Liholiho Yacht Club
Tosca Cafe
Cockscomb Restaurant
Sotto Mare
Mission Chinese Food
The Stinking Rose
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