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I like second-day wine...what does that say about me?


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I like second-day wine...what does that say about me?

nooodles | Jul 23, 2005 10:22 PM

I drink a lot of cheap red wine. Luckily for me, in SF cheap doesn't mean wretched. Therefore, I drink a lot of wine in the $10-15 range from all over the world. Unfortunately, the quality of the wine can be hit and miss.

Lately, I've noticed that when I don't like a wine the first night, I usually like it better the second night. To me, there's less of that reflexive need to pucker, less aftertaste, and the wine is smoother. Do other people feel this way?

What does this say about me as a wine drinker? As in, what taste is it that I'm trying to avoid? I'd love to know a more concise way of describing this to a wine store clerk. Do I just say "I hate tannins"?

And of course, will this problem be solved if I graduate to $30-40 wine, $60+ wine, $100+ wine, or is it really just me?

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