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Day Trip to Buffalo - Review

jeremyh1 | Apr 2, 2013 05:24 AM

Did a day trip to Buffalo from Toronto with a good chef pal who owns a restaurant here in Toronto. He had never been to Buffalo before and the idea came about during a recent wing night.

Aside from quite the border crossing ordeal we had a fantastic day out in Buffalo and I figured I'd recap our day on here.

First stop was Schwabl's to get their Beef on Weck. It was my second time there. Started with a plate of anchovies which seemed pretty good although I am not expert. The lemon juice we squeezed on top cut the saltiness very nicely.

As for the sandwich itself it was very good. Bun was a bit salty at times especially around the edges were there was less beef. Horseradish was intense and really brought the sandwich together. The beef itself was quite nice, colour, juice and flavour were all there.

We decided to go do the typical Torontonian thing and walk around the Walden Galleria Mall. We stopped in to the Cheesecake Factory as neither of us had ever been there. We shared a slice of cherry cheesecake which was fantastic. Very creamy and rich. The slight sour note of the cherry topping helped cut the rich, creamy and sweet notes.

After that we browsed the Tops grocery store nearby just to see the different products that you don't find up here in Toronto.

Dinner was at Anchor Bar. This was my 4th or 5th time there. The Genesee Cream drafts (only $3) went really well with the food.

We ordered and shared 20 medium wings, an order of onion rings and a small pepperoni pizza which we ordered well done.

Wings were good, never tried their mediums before as I had always ordered hot. The flavour was fantastic. I have been to Duff's in Amherst and all 3 Toronto locations and can't really say which I prefer as they are both different. I like Anchor Bar for what it is, not as saucy but fried just right and the flavour in the sauce is just fantastic. I imagine Anchor uses more butter in their preparation as the sauce isn't as thick or hot as Duff's.

Onion Rings were perfect, fried crispy and juicy inside and quite sweet. No ketchup required.

Pizza was phenomenal, my 2nd time having a pizza from Anchor Bar. We ordered it well done and the small pepperonis came out perfect and crisp. The pizza really stands out as it's not reminiscent of a typical Toronto pizza at all.

To finish we went and had a cone each at Anderson's Frozen Custard on Sheridan. Vanilla Frozen Custard very rich and thick, way better than your typical fast food soft serve.

So in all it was a nice day out in a cool city well worth a day trip if you want to eat some distinct regional food.

Thanks for having us Buffalo!

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