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First day in Hong Kong

Jeremy Osner | Aug 30, 2001 02:24 AM

The rest of Guangzhou was pretty much of a wash eating-wise, nothing special, oh well...

Well here we are in Kowloon and I just had a great lunch! It was at Macao Restaurant on Lock Rd. just south of Haiphong Rd., let me tell you I will be seeking out Macaovian (?) cuisine when I return to New York, I hope it is available! The dish I had was like Indian food, but with all of it's (to my tastes) deficiencies corrected. It was, namely, a curried brisket of ox with potatoes -- a very very simple dish that sent me. Just meat, potatoes, and gravy, all the flavors in just the right harmony -- way better (to my tastes) than any curry I have had in an Indian restaurant. (But it was clearly an Indian curry, nothing like Thai or Malaysian or Indonesian cuisine.) The spicing was both delicate and powerful at the same time. Anyways I see I am having a hard time describing exactly what it was about this flavor that so thrilled me; I will ask you to take it on faith. To be fair, I did find two faults with the dish: the ox, a very stringy meat, should have been cut into smaller pieces so as not to get in the eater's teeth; and the potatoes should have been cooked a bit longer to achieve maximal falling-apart tenderness and absorption of sauce. These two complaints had no impact on my overall adoration.

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