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zimexlady | Aug 24, 2012 10:37 AM

I am tired of the misunderstanding of these dates. Some people, swear by and are paranoidly afraid of any can of beans one day past the date stamped on the bottom. I once watched a food bank worker check the dates on cases of donated cans from a major grocer, and tossed out two oil barrels of perfectly good food . I was dumbfounded.
. People are starving and this worker was OK with them dying of starvation but was not willing to use judgement but accepted the can dates as a poison warning..
Producers place this date to get the retail store to run "special" ads, to move more product out the front door so the producer can sell more in to the back door. IT IS A MONEY THING. Our soldiers in the battlefield eat more "dangerous" food than we do.
BEST USED BY dates simply state the manufacturer opinion of when the food "is most tasty" BUT STLL GOOD. Yes, they want you to toss it and go buy more. More money in their pocket.
Often, the manufacturer has simply redesigned their label and want new stuff on the shelves to match TV ads. $$$$$
We waste millions of dollars each year, thousands per family. Just heat you dinner sufficiently and you will live.
Lighten up, everybody.

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