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That Darned Spoon


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That Darned Spoon

Dennis | Apr 8, 2003 07:35 PM


About a week ago, I stopped into a new upscale restaurant in my area. Normally, you need a reservation.

However, I had fully intended to eat at the bar if there was a space available. And there was.

There was this couple sitting next to me, who recommended the Pumpkin Crab Soup. So, I took their suggestion and ordered it.

It was served in one of these large bowls, with the spoon hidden underneath. I had a little trouble finding it. The female of the couple made a little snide remark at me: "You don't get out much, do you?"

The truth of the matter is is that I encountered this "style" of serving soup before -- in Las Vegas.
Once again, the spoon was "hidden" under the bowl.


Except this time, the spoon really was missing. At first, the waiter couldn't believe it. When he checked for himself, he realized that the spoon was, indeed, missing and brought me one. But even that took ten minutes.

I'm curious. As one who apparently "doesn't get out much" is this style of serving soup, hiding the spoon deep under the bowl, a common practice of upscale restaurants?

If so, then is there a general rule of thumb as to where this spoon is located? Such as Nine O Clock?
Three O Clock?

I just don't want to look like such an idiot the next time I am seen fumbling all underneath my soup bowl in search of that darned spoon.


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