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Dark Chocolate...

StriperGuy | Sep 11, 2002 10:46 AM

I am a big chocolate fan. A good glass of vintage port and a piece of really good chocolate...

For me, dark chocolate is the only thing. Milk chocolate is some other beast. Not bad if you get really good stuff, but I way prefer dark. If you really twist my arm I might even eat baker's chocolate.

That said, the chocolates from "El Rey" are amazing! They have particular varieties from Venezuela and around the world. These chocolates are as different from one another as fine wines.

If you buy them on their web site they are way pricey. I found the same chocolates and a bunch of other interesting ones at Chocosphere. They even have some chocolates from a French source that are reported to be "Single Plantation" chocolates.

El Rey products are available at Bread and Circus in the Boston area. I also have seen the El Rey products in bulk size chunks cut up and re-wrapped at VERY reasonable prices at Fairway in New York.

For anyone who likes dark chocolate give some of these a try!

Would also love to hear posts from other serious chocolate fans or other sources of good chocolate!


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