Dansk Master Series - best non-stick out there?

BobB | Dec 2, 200907:35 AM

Looking at occasional discussions out here on the subject of non-stick cookware, it seems to me that the general consensus is, these things just don't last, even the best of them. In general I'd agree - I've certainly tossed out my share of worn-out non-stick pans (both cheap and expensive, from T-fal to Le Creuset) over the years, but I think I've found the exception, and am wondering whether anyone else has had the same experience.

What I'm talking about is a set of Dansk "Master Series" non-stick that I've been using for about ten years now. The set comprises two saucepans, two frying pans, a saute pan and a huge soup pot, with tight-fitting brushed-aluminum lids. I use all of these regularly, some pretty much daily, and except for minor exterior staining the entire set is as good as the day I bought it.

Granted I take good care of it - no metal utensils, no super-high-heat cooking, cool before washing, always hand-wash - but it has really surprised me with its longevity.

Anybody else use these?

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