awinchester | Nov 28, 201703:12 AM     2

Hi, all. I'm bringing my Danish boyfriend home to the US for Christmas, and want to make it special and "like home" for him.

In Denmark, they have a cut of pork called "flæskesteg" (sounds like "fleh-ska-sty") that is a traditional Christmas preparation (though they cook it year-round). It's like... I think it's like pork loin or roast (um, maybe?) but with the skin (crackling) on top, sliced. See "joint with crackling" and "crispy crackling" photos on the Wikipedia entry or just Google the name. Random recipe attached in link for photo.

My "ask the audience" question is: what is this cut called in the US? It's likely we have it, but we cut the skin off, which is the crucial part of their preparation so I might have to special order it -- if I know what it is.

I asked a craft butcher who suggested it may be skin-on pork belly, but boyfriend thinks that's incorrect.

Any ideas?

Flæskesteg med sprød svær | SØNDAG

Selv om vi til hverdag er parate til at prøve noget nyt, forholder det sig anderledes, når det handler om julemaden: Den skal være, som den plejer...

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