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Have I damaged this beautiful copper pan?

Tombola | Feb 24, 201406:57 AM

A few weeks ago I was given a new Mauviel 1830 frying pan - copper and I assume tin lined.

I immediately noticed that the lining was slightly rippled / smeared - it looked like a smear of grease on the edge of the pan, but was part of the lining - you can see it in the first picture.

It seemed to work OK, until someone in my family used it to fry some oats in coconut oil (over gas), after which the surface looks blistered - as you can see in the second picture (It's surprisingly hard to photograph the surface of a pan!)

Do you think this is normal? I understand that Tin has a relatively low melting point, but the 'culprit' assures me that the pan wasn't especially hot - i.e the oil wasn't smoking.

One last embarrassing detail / question. I previously put the pan in the oven (again, not very hot, just to grill the top of a tortilla) and noticed that the handle became sticky - sticking to the oven mitt when I took it out, as if it had some kind of varnish that had melted. Is that normal?

Thank you for your time - feel very embarrassed that this is my first ever post on Chow...

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