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Dallas Restaurant Week 2005

simply_victoria | Aug 22, 2005 10:51 AM

I was waiting until the week was over to post about my experiences. I had 2 hits and a bit of miss.


I have to admit I was bad. I've eaten here before and didn't really experiment. I got my usual chicken livers for an appetizer, delicious as usual. I do have to point out they had a $5 surcharge for ordering these, but they gave everyone a full order and they filled you up. I had my friend try it. She is not a big chicken liver fan. She said what made it great was the batter they use. Add that to the barbaque sauce and the slightly caramalized onions. Its just a party in your mouth.

I had their meatloaf for my main course. It was divine. Very moist and the the thick tomoto sauce on top gave it a sweetness. This was definately not like my moms. Hers was so dry. Even the cat wouldn't eat it.

I ended the meal with their peach soup. I took a gamble with this, and I'm glad I did. It was refreshing after the heavy meatloaf. Very simple and light. It was a simple pure of peach with a small pie crust floating in the middle. I just lapped it up.

This was a good start to the week. I don't really have any complaints about Hector's. Our server was very good. Hector came by as usual and was very sweet. I only wish I had branched out more and tried something new. That is the point of restaurant week right?


I guess one could say this was the surprise of the week. I went in with no expectations.

First course was kobe beef ravioli. Ok, to me this sounded a bit weird. I didn't know how it would turn out. Lets just say I'm a talker, and I didn't say an entire word this course it was so good. It was a huge ravioli. Took up almost an entire bowl. The broth covering the ravioli was just tasty. Very hearty. Complimented very well the kobe innards of the ravioli that were just delicious. I can only describe it as being smooth.

Main course was the lamb shank. For restaurant week, I was completely amazed. This was a big piece of meat. It arrived steaming and falling off the bone. I got through as much as I could, but I wanted to save room for dessert.

Blueberry brioche pudding. Bread pudding is one of my all time favorite things if its done right. This was delicious. Big blueberries gave a great flavor to the brioche. I loved how they added a bit of white chocolate to the plate. The flavors just melded well together.

Overall, George was great. The service was excellent. The food was very good. My eyes were bigger then my stomache, and I went the meat route that night. I was in a food coma the rest of the night.


Ok, I went in with high expectations.

I felt like of all three restaurants the choices were the slimmest here. Appetizer was a goat cheese and watermelon salad. It was nice. It was tasty.

I had the filet for the main course. It was fine.

Dessert was ... You know I don't even remember dessert.

I just felt like the two other places went out of their way to make restaurant week a dining experience and Nana didn't. Maybe I just wasn't into what they were offering and the portions were smallish.

This was my only miss of the week. I talked to a friend who also went to Nana and she had the halibut. She had the same thought. It was fine, but nothing amazing.

The view was lovely though.

Guess I went in with too high expectations??

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