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Dallas Fish Market - Top 10 in Dallas?

margiehubbard | Feb 29, 200803:19 PM

I think not. And while I usually fall right in line with the raving lunatics when there's a great new place in town, I just can't join up for this one. It is located dowtown in the old Jeraboam spot. Texas Monthly just named it one of the top 10 in the state. Dallas Morning News says it was one of last years top 10 new restaurants. I say it could easily be the best restaurant in Waco. But, not Dallas. And certainly not in the state.

It's beautiful. The interior doesn't even remind me of Jeraboam anymore. It's a little stark. But, it's beautiful.

The food, on my visit, was completely forgettable. It tasted clean. And that's about it. One of my companions even commented that it needed salt. Salt? Jeez.

The waiter's first recommendation was the striped bass and he said their top seller was the skate BLT. Everyone at the table had one or the other. The only person that seemed to have had a dish she really, really liked had the mussels as an appetizer. I had spicy tuna roll. It tasted fine. But, again, no big deal. And the roll slices were very large. I don't like that. I want to comfortably put the slice in my mouth without haveing to tear it apart or have it fall into pieces on the plate. Here's another thing that kind of bothered me. The oyster appetizer is served over Asian sauted vegtables. So, is the striped bass. One of my companions almost ordered both these dishes. There are a lot of vegetables in this world. For a single serving appetizer that cost over $10 and fish that cost $16 you'd be expecting more than the same vegetable twice. The overall effect was that the food was bland.

Maybe we're getting the wrong stuff. But, my husband was taking a recommendation from a waiter he's known for years. The bread hunks and seasoned olive oil was good. It lead me to believe that we were going to have this great experience. Didn't happen. And after a lack luster lunch it took the waitress 30 minutes to handle the check. Everything I heard about this place made me think it would be great. Well, now I know. At least we saved a little money trying it for lunch instead of dinner.

Diner's comments:

"The only thing that had any flavor was the wine"

"Thoroughly disappointed and I spent 60 bucks"

"Best in... Lubbock?"

"She almost brought the check. She was so close."

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