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Dalings, please tell me about the different types of dal

rworange | Sep 20, 200907:38 PM

Indian food is not something I know a lot about. So today I'm cruising down the aisles of my local Raley's supermarket and once again the International foods aisles have been reorganized and I stumbled across a shelf of dal - masoor , moong, urad

It just never occurred to me that there are different varieties. Cook's Thesaurus says "Dal is the Indian term for peas, beans, or lentils that have been split and often skinned, but the name is sometimes used for all lentils, peas, or beans, or to cooked dishes made with them"

However, this 1994 Los Angeles Times article about dal seems to suggest that what is used in Indian cooking isn't really equivalent to, well, lentils

She starts "dal --India's umbrella term for legumes (which can be loosely defined as anything that grows in a pod)."

So red lentils and masoor dal are two different things? Chana dal really isn't the same as chick peas?

Indian cooking always seemed intimidating ... a whole different spice palate. Also eathing in restaurants, too much Indian food is way too oily. But, I don't know, the chance to play with a new set of dried legumes has me interested.

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