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Cutting Sambucca with water............

jrvedivici | Apr 14, 201411:27 AM

Last night I poured myself a snifter of sambucca. Once I went to take a sip of it I noticed that there were "particles" floating around in it. I looked carefully and decided it might have been some soap residue from the dishwasher.......and I'm not going to waste my alcohol so I drank it. No difference in the taste etc.

When I went to pour myself another glass I noticed the entire bottle had these particles "floating" in it. It was a new brand of Sambucca I never drank before, it was a gift, Sambucca Romantica. I was torn if it could have been sugar crystals of some kind............ - or -..........if my teenage son cut the sambucca with water would the water look like tiny particles floating in the sambucca?

Anyone have a guess?

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