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Cute Speak?


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Cute Speak?

Candy | Apr 8, 2013 12:16 PM

I am currently testing recipes for a forth coming book. Last night I was making a dish and photographing as I went along to send feedback to the author. In one sentence she said to "deploy" to the table.

When I sent my feedback to her suggesting "deploy" was not a good verb to use and suggested serve immediately or at once. She replied that it was what is now being used.

I'd like to know where all of this "cute speak" is coming from. In many ways the users sound illiterate. Take bone for instance, we use boning knives to bone meat. In cute speak it is now debone. Even spell check does not like debone. Are we next going to defeather birds instead of pluck? I know there are other constructs making it into food speak, but deploy to the table?!?

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