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What is "Cut Crab"?

SinEater | Oct 1, 200909:51 AM

My gf sent me on a mission to find paella ingredients the other day which I used as an excuse to visit Hong Kong Market in Columbia, MO. I came across a box in the freezer that was plainly marked “Cut Crab”. I bought it on impulse but I’m not really sure what they are. A peek in the box revealed several small crabs cut in half. My gf assumes that they are soft shell crab but I don’t know how one would tell without actually thawing them out. A google for “cut crab” only reveals that it is a common export of China and maybe Korea. A few times I saw it listed as “Walking Cut Crab.”

They looked very similar to the item here: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom...

I guess they are most likely blue crab but they seem smaller than what anyone would want to fool with. Maybe the Chinese have a special preparation or method of eating them. Do I dare hope that they are soft shell crabs?

Would love to know what to do with these things.


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